Paper bag flip book – DT for Tsunami Rose

I wanted to make a paper bag flip book this time around. This design team project is for the Tsunami Rose Design Crafts. I really enjoy making different crafts and thought about making these mini flip books. I am looking forward to making many more to share in happy mail and swaps.

The mini paper bag flip book is so easy to put together, and so fun to get my scrapbooking cap on. It is so much easier to decorate a smaller page, then trying to fill an entire journal with fun things to look at. I do love my journals, but also really enjoyed making this project.


Check out my video here:

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Happy Crafting,


Junk Journal for Calico Collage design team- March.

This #junkjournal came together with the gorgeous digital kit from #calicocollage and some added fun from friends, happy mail and swaps. I had a second project to complete with the same #springpreacock kit and this time, my #journal came together using more of the images I did not get a chance to use before. I have to mention, there is still so much left of this kit that I did not use in this project either. I just love it when a digital kit has so much to it, that you have so much that you can still do with it.

There is something about peacocks and the vibrant colours and attitude they seem to have.   I really enjoyed working with the kit again, and found so much fun things to add to this #handmade one of a kind creation. I love that  about making my own journals, the fact that not one is the same.

Here are some images of my fun time creating this journal. As always, please check out the video or my instagram, where you can see other fun things I have been creating.

Happy crafting,



Planner People and DIY

I have been a planner person for a very long time. I like to keep myself organized by scheduling my days and trying to keep up with the everyday busy life. Until recently I started noticing this trend of decorating planners. I truly do love crafting, and planning, so I thought, why had I not put these two together before?

I am a newbie planner decorator, but am quickly learning to love it. For my design team project with #Jenofevedesigns I decided to do just that. I used the templates from one of the kits  and made myself many planner pockets and tuck spots. After all, that is one thing that I always found was lacking in my planners, places to put things, receipts, movie tickets, cards, etc. I now have a new way to make my planners ‘happy’ and my eyes enjoy my planning experience even more.


I do love being able to schedule my days and see some colourful pages, dividers, and pockets. The beauty is that I can use any type of paper that bings me inspiration and use the templates to make it fit in any of my planners – yes, plural, planners 🙂


I hope this gives planner folks out there some ideas on another way to make pockets and tuck spots for your planning experience. I tried it on the different size planners I have and the templates worked well with them all.

Journal prompt of the day: List the greatest compliments and encouragement you have ever been given.




TN Junk Journal using Ephemera’s Vintage Garden designs.

I am still obsessing over traveler’s notebooks. Once I made my first one, I couldn’t stop. There is something about using different kinds of papers, textures and colours in a notebook, that gets my creativity flowing. I did get a standard blank notebook with my cover but I find that a notebook full of white blank pages does not currently work for me. So with my design team project for this month, I made my own traveler’s notebook using #EVG designs.

The kit I selected for this month is meant to be a journal / planner kit, so it had all the selection that I needed. As always, I like to print out as many of the pages that I will be using on paper that I have recycled or repurposed and I like to use a variety of papers of different colours and sizes if I have them available.

This kit is just full of spring, at least that is my view of it. I am so ready for the colours on this kit to be reflected outside my window. Goodbye snow. Hello birds and butterflies. For my current project I did not use all of the pages, I like the fact that I can select what to print and what size to print the pages as when working with digital kits.

Anyhow, here are some pictures of my lovely. Take a look at the video as well, I have the full flip through. You can also check my #instagram for more ideas.




When I get stuck creatively…

Sometimes I feel like crafting or journaling or just doing something creatively, and I can’t seem to get myself to put something together. However, I KNOW that I WANT to get these creative thoughts out of my head but can’t seem to do it. So this has been my solution.

I use an old book (by old I mean books found at a yard sale that were going to be thrown out) I have a small collection of these that I use for many projects. One fun thing in particular that I have recently found is using it as a creative brain dump. I don’t journal on these pages, I simply gather things that make me happy, or inspire me, or give me that happy feeling. I take pieces from magazines, junk mail, happy mail… anything really that I can add to the page that helps me with the creative block. Once I complete a page, I feel accomplished, I feel ready to start another project or simply enjoy the fact that I got that feeling out somehow and can look back at these pages and be reminded of things that make me happy again.

Recently I have been loving some of the artists out there that do this often. Check out my subscriptions list or favourites list on my YouTube channel or those I follow on Instagram and you will see what I mean by this type of inspiration. Some of my favourites are #TheReBookery, #JohannaClough. Thank you ladies for sharing your creativity with the rest of us.

My pages are a work in progress, I can go back to any of them, whenever and continue, or leave them as is. But I do love opening this book, and just adding things to it.. I just love to not have to think about the process, just let myself go. It might look like someone from elementary school put them together…. but I guess it’s the child coming out of me again.




What’s on my craft table…

I have been really looking forward to spring, as I am sure many of you have, specially if it’s been cold and snowy, I’m done with snow. I am trying to surround myself with signs of spring. So as it happens, for my next design team project for Ephemera’s Vintage Garden, I chose to work with this very nature inspired Whimsy & Botany planner / journal kit and made myself another traveler’s notebook insert.

I am still obsessing over TN’s, so this kit was just perfect for the two things I am loving right now, the thoughts of spring and journaling. I’m going to show a sneak peek of it, because I am still getting the videos and pictures ready…. I am so prepared to look out the window soon and see all these colours of nature coming out.

Today’s journal prompt to accompany my post, from the book I mentioned before; 52 Lists for Happiness:

List the things that get you out of your head.

More to come,





Journal Prompts – sometimes I need them.

Ok so I have a few projects that I will be posting this month, but I am also looking at something a little different. I love to write, journal, doodle, draw, plan etc and since I have been making my own journals / traveler’s notebooks I have found that I am getting more encouraged to do these things more often. However, life as a mom, wife, entrepreneur is not always full of exciting things to write about.

Have you ever found that sometimes you want to just write something, anything, but can’t seem to come up with something to write about? or it seems redundant to write about the same things all the time, as an example, most of my writing and journaling is about my family, kids, outings here and there. I don’t really travel, I don’t really take vacations, so there is a small bubble of creativity that sometimes surrounds me.

Since I started journaling again, I have found it so enjoyable and almost meditative like, but recently I found myself stuck creatively, and I have so much on my plate that I could not figure out what I wanted to do next. I did feel like writing, but was not sure what. Solution: I found some list type journals that I had from before and wanted to start going through again.

So I figure, I will call this my journal prompt moments that I will share with you all, in case there happens to be someone out there looking for a prompt to get started.

This week the prompt comes from a book called 52 Lists for Happiness, by Moorea Seal. I want to also mention, I am not advertising for these writers, I am not getting free anything to try out. I just wanted to share some of the things that are helping me at the moment. So, now for the first prompt from this book:

List the things that made you happy as a child.

Will I share what I write? not sure yet. But I will keep the prompts going in between other projects.


Calico Collage Design Team for March

Here it is, my latest traveler’s notebook insert. I was so inspired by Calico Collage’s digital kit, Spring Peacock, what we got to work with this month. The images are so vibrant and just full of happy. There are so many parts to this kit, it includes journal pages, but also has ATC’s, domino images, printable circles, bookmarks, and well, so much more. You really have to check out the shop, Norella has so much to choose from.

I made a personal size TN for my project because I am loving this size of #journal / #smashbook right now. I used various types of papers in this traveler’s notebook, and I love the light feel to the TN. I have always loved peacocks and just love seeing them walk around like they own wherever they are. They have the most gorgeous colours that nature could provide.

I also played around with the page sizes and some are coffee stained as well. I find that variety really inspires me. I can’t seem to just have a journal with blank pages, they have to have some fun and inspiring touches. At least, that’s what makes me happy.

So here are some awesome images of my latest love, you can check out my video as well, and my instagram if you wanted to see more of what I am creating next.




Tip on printing pictures at home for Journal entries.

Here is a quick tip on printing photos at home to use in journal entries. So I have found that most times I don’t get a chance to get my photos ready to be printed as quickly as I would like to use them. I know I will eventually get them printed, but sometimes I want to have them right away. I don’t have an instant photo printing system at home, or one of those cute little camera systems that you can print those tiny pictures from (they are so cute) but in my love of saving a little money and also being able to use my photos when I really want to, I can print them at home.

The way I print them is on a regular sized paper copy sheet. I do use a thicker paper then the regular copy paper, for the photos I use the 28lb paper that I have access to. The reason I do this, is because I print a bunch of photos at once on the sheet, and I can size them however I want to fit within the size of my page.

I like to use these prints in my journals. So here is a sample of how it would look.


This page has 4 images (just an example) of what I would print and the different ways I can resize them. My crafting partner Archie is always by my side. 🙂  So in my journal entries I can cut the pictures that I have printed at home – they still look awesome. I can quickly journal about what the image is and it can fit in any of my pages.

I just did a layout of my kids skating and my daughters birthday, the images where tipped in to the pages and I was able to journal around them and behind the images. I also like to print images of journals that I have made or craft projects I have completed. My way of keeping them close when I have swapped them or gifted them to someone. Like the top right and bottom right have both gone to their new homes. I miss them already.

Do you have any tips on printing at home? Would love to know what you do.



Next projects and new DT member for Calico Collage

I am super excited about my next few projects and videos that I am preparing. First, I will be doing some Design Team work for Calico Collage  I can’t wait to get started. Norella Bouchard is such a talented digital artist and I will be joining her team, getting some work ready for next month!! I can not wait to work with her new digital kits. The Team members and I will be working with her newest Spring Peacock collection the colours in the kit are STUNNING. You have so much selection with these kits, to make domino squares, ATC’s, scrabble images. etc. So much creativity flowing right now.

I am also working on a few tutorials, I have been asked for a few of them from my subscribers on my YouTube channel so I am finishing those up shortly. Can’t wait to get those done.

Follow me on Instagram and see what else I am working on. Can’t wait to share soon.