Giveaway – Thank you to all my subscribers!!

I am so excited to have reached over 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel! To celebrate I am doing a #giveaway for my subscribers. This is just a small way for me to say thank you for all your support! I also have the pleasure of a sponsor on this giveaway, J9scraps!! I am super excited for this fun thank you prize!



This journaling / Crafting community is the most creative, supportive and kind group of people I have the pleasure to share my creations with. Thank you all so much!

I hope you enter, it is a fun giveaway for anyone who enjoys crafting / making journals.

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Creative Brain Dump Book

Here is a quick flip through of my creative brain dump book, posted on instagram. I posted a few pictures before. It is my place to do something creative, or just doodle or paint, when I need to get my creativity out but can’t seem to focus on one thing or I am stuck creatively. I use this as my place where I put things I want to look at often, and use various things that inspire me. Scraps of things, postage, cards, business cards that I like, etc. It’s my go to, easy to do when I need to clear my head.

There is no real planning for it. I just grab what I like, I keep a box of goodies on my desk, and go from there…I hope this gives you some ideas when you get ‘stuck’ on what to do next. It might not look pretty to you, but it clears my mind! Do you have one? Would love to see it….

check here for video: @lizthepaperproject


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What inspired me today…. Project Calm magazine.

So I wanted to do a quick share of this magazine that totally inspires me, Project Calm. I don’t work for them or have any affiliation with them, I just love the articles and the inspiration. I do a quick flip through in the video here, in case you don’t have access to it or want to see what this issue has to offer. I hope it brings you some inspiration, like it has for me. I don’t always have access to the magazines, and when I find it, I enjoy picking it up. I do love taking time out to see what other artists are doing….

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Mini Junk Journal and storage box

Here is my latest mini junk journal. This was so fun to make but I had to think….little. It comes with it’s own storage box. I love this kit, from Jen of Eve Designs. Such a cute mini. The box is so easy to put together, and I’ve used cereal boxes, random cardboard pieces and of course scrapbook paper. I love how addictive it is to make mini boxes. The journal version is also based on the templates, but I put my own little spin to it.

Check out the video below:

Me on IG:

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Junk Journal featuring Calico Collage and J9Scraps on ETSY

My latest Junk Journal features designs from Calico Collage, the Sweet Elegance kit. What a gorgeous collection. It is the perfect spring introduction and it made me think of the warm and sunny days to come. Using some of J9Scraps, ephemera made it a lot more fun. I get to use the tags, envelopes, ribbon and those pins… I just love going through this journal over and over again.

Video Link Here:


I am doing the happy dance at the moment. A crafter could not be happier, I have the pleasure of joining J9Scraps as a design team member and this will truly bring my crafting to a different level. I do try to keep my creations reused and repurposed as much as possible, but I also love having some variety of materials to play with. This makes me so happy, because I get to use other products in my junk journals and I know that my creations will stay with the owners for years to come, maybe even passed down from generation to generation – I envision my journals being read by my kids, grandkids, etc. Well, at least that is the dream. 🙂

You can also find me on Instagram. Thank you for stopping by.


Happy Crafting.



Creative brain dump… journal prompt

I am finding my creative brain dump moments really enjoyable. Not having to think about what I want to do, just grabbing items from my pile of goodies that bring me happiness. I am trying to use some of my stamps a little more, I’ve been finding that I don’t usually use them because they don’t seem to come out ‘properly’ but that is the beauty of this method, I just grab a stamp and use it… although sometimes I am finding a theme 🙂

I am sure I will go back to these pages at some point, I don’t feel that they are ever ‘finished’ but I do love that when I open my book, there are so many fun inspiration things to look at. My collage of things I already liked.


Journal Prompt of the day: When you think of an important person in your life, what image or item comes to mind?

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Paper bag flip book – DT for Tsunami Rose

I wanted to make a paper bag flip book this time around. This design team project is for the Tsunami Rose Design Crafts. I really enjoy making different crafts and thought about making these mini flip books. I am looking forward to making many more to share in happy mail and swaps.

The mini paper bag flip book is so easy to put together, and so fun to get my scrapbooking cap on. It is so much easier to decorate a smaller page, then trying to fill an entire journal with fun things to look at. I do love my journals, but also really enjoyed making this project.


Check out my video here:

Here are the links to Tsunami Rose:

TRD Etsy shop: TRD FB Fan Page: TRD FB Group: TRD Blog: TRD Youtube:

Happy Crafting,


Junk Journal for Calico Collage design team- March.

This #junkjournal came together with the gorgeous digital kit from #calicocollage and some added fun from friends, happy mail and swaps. I had a second project to complete with the same #springpreacock kit and this time, my #journal came together using more of the images I did not get a chance to use before. I have to mention, there is still so much left of this kit that I did not use in this project either. I just love it when a digital kit has so much to it, that you have so much that you can still do with it.

There is something about peacocks and the vibrant colours and attitude they seem to have.   I really enjoyed working with the kit again, and found so much fun things to add to this #handmade one of a kind creation. I love that  about making my own journals, the fact that not one is the same.

Here are some images of my fun time creating this journal. As always, please check out the video or my instagram, where you can see other fun things I have been creating.

Happy crafting,



Planner People and DIY

I have been a planner person for a very long time. I like to keep myself organized by scheduling my days and trying to keep up with the everyday busy life. Until recently I started noticing this trend of decorating planners. I truly do love crafting, and planning, so I thought, why had I not put these two together before?

I am a newbie planner decorator, but am quickly learning to love it. For my design team project with #Jenofevedesigns I decided to do just that. I used the templates from one of the kits  and made myself many planner pockets and tuck spots. After all, that is one thing that I always found was lacking in my planners, places to put things, receipts, movie tickets, cards, etc. I now have a new way to make my planners ‘happy’ and my eyes enjoy my planning experience even more.


I do love being able to schedule my days and see some colourful pages, dividers, and pockets. The beauty is that I can use any type of paper that bings me inspiration and use the templates to make it fit in any of my planners – yes, plural, planners 🙂


I hope this gives planner folks out there some ideas on another way to make pockets and tuck spots for your planning experience. I tried it on the different size planners I have and the templates worked well with them all.

Journal prompt of the day: List the greatest compliments and encouragement you have ever been given.




TN Junk Journal using Ephemera’s Vintage Garden designs.

I am still obsessing over traveler’s notebooks. Once I made my first one, I couldn’t stop. There is something about using different kinds of papers, textures and colours in a notebook, that gets my creativity flowing. I did get a standard blank notebook with my cover but I find that a notebook full of white blank pages does not currently work for me. So with my design team project for this month, I made my own traveler’s notebook using #EVG designs.

The kit I selected for this month is meant to be a journal / planner kit, so it had all the selection that I needed. As always, I like to print out as many of the pages that I will be using on paper that I have recycled or repurposed and I like to use a variety of papers of different colours and sizes if I have them available.

This kit is just full of spring, at least that is my view of it. I am so ready for the colours on this kit to be reflected outside my window. Goodbye snow. Hello birds and butterflies. For my current project I did not use all of the pages, I like the fact that I can select what to print and what size to print the pages as when working with digital kits.

Anyhow, here are some pictures of my lovely. Take a look at the video as well, I have the full flip through. You can also check my #instagram for more ideas.