#onebookjuly2017 I am going to try this…

So here is the idea. I am going to try to bring 5 or 6 books into 1. I am hoping to set up my planner as a planner junk journal. Which means, I will be able to add any type of paper that I have around, just like I do with my junk journals and try to organize myself – well, mostly my craft space. I have not done this before but I figure that I should at least give it a try.

The idea is to try to make your planning/journaling etc into one book/journal to try to see if something will work better than the current system you are using. Check out my video below for further information on this.

I am going to try to use one planner to keep myself a bit more organized and also try to plan my #Etsy store opening. Not sure if I will meet the deadline, but I am certainly going to try. I will try to show before and after pictures as well as my progress and set up of this challenge. You can check out my progress on Instagram and I will post weekly updates on what I’ve done as well on my YouTube channel. Wish me luck!

Happy Crafting,



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