Before the pen… creative

So I decided I would try something a little different. This was starting out my journaling with a blank page (Gasp) not a scrapbook page, or a coffee stained page, just blank sheets, and see what journaling came out. Well, the creative side won again, and I thought, yes, another way to smash-book / glue-book / art journal / collage journal, etc. I had put this Traveler’s notebook aside because of the blank pages (ok dotted) but now I am looking forward to using it daily. I still have a journal, altered glue-book, my pocket size note book, my planners….. wow I have a lot of ‘books’. 🙂

I had so much fun with my first spread. I loved using bits and bobs that I had on my desk. Some images, postage, and some washi that was stuck to one of my packages (I NOW want some) so just played around and relaxed.


I love having a variety of things to create on and also find it very ‘zen’ to work on a few pages at a time…. could it be I enjoy it more then making journals? I feel like I want to use my books more then I want to make them now.

So another creative brain dump, but more intentional, with a ‘feel’ for the page. I really like it. I love having my creative dump altered glue-book, and my blank canvas journal (TN)

Happy Crafting,



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