Creative Brain Dump Book

Here is a quick flip through of my creative brain dump book, posted on instagram. I posted a few pictures before. It is my place to do something creative, or just doodle or paint, when I need to get my creativity out but can’t seem to focus on one thing or I am stuck creatively. I use this as my place where I put things I want to look at often, and use various things that inspire me. Scraps of things, postage, cards, business cards that I like, etc. It’s my go to, easy to do when I need to clear my head.

There is no real planning for it. I just grab what I like, I keep a box of goodies on my desk, and go from there…I hope this gives you some ideas when you get ‘stuck’ on what to do next. It might not look pretty to you, but it clears my mind! Do you have one? Would love to see it….

check here for video: @lizthepaperproject


Happy Crafting,



2 thoughts on “Creative Brain Dump Book

  1. Lynda Murray says:

    I love the way u scrapbook because as a beginner I get stuck in doing things just right but u show how just slapping anything on , it can come out great!


    • Liz Carr says:

      Hi Lynda, yes, that is the reason why I wanted to post this. I just grab and glue, sometimes there are things I write, or words that catch my eye. It really is just a brain dump moment, I love to look back at them. I know some people have a hard time starting something… these pages are already book pages so there is no real blank space… makes it easier πŸ™‚ Thank you for watching and commenting. πŸ™‚


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