Planner People and DIY

I have been a planner person for a very long time. I like to keep myself organized by scheduling my days and trying to keep up with the everyday busy life. Until recently I started noticing this trend of decorating planners. I truly do love crafting, and planning, so I thought, why had I not put these two together before?

I am a newbie planner decorator, but am quickly learning to love it. For my design team project with #Jenofevedesigns I decided to do just that. I used the templates from one of the kits  and made myself many planner pockets and tuck spots. After all, that is one thing that I always found was lacking in my planners, places to put things, receipts, movie tickets, cards, etc. I now have a new way to make my planners ‘happy’ and my eyes enjoy my planning experience even more.


I do love being able to schedule my days and see some colourful pages, dividers, and pockets. The beauty is that I can use any type of paper that bings me inspiration and use the templates to make it fit in any of my planners – yes, plural, planners 🙂


I hope this gives planner folks out there some ideas on another way to make pockets and tuck spots for your planning experience. I tried it on the different size planners I have and the templates worked well with them all.

Journal prompt of the day: List the greatest compliments and encouragement you have ever been given.





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