TN Junk Journal using Ephemera’s Vintage Garden designs.

I am still obsessing over traveler’s notebooks. Once I made my first one, I couldn’t stop. There is something about using different kinds of papers, textures and colours in a notebook, that gets my creativity flowing. I did get a standard blank notebook with my cover but I find that a notebook full of white blank pages does not currently work for me. So with my design team project for this month, I made my own traveler’s notebook using #EVG designs.

The kit I selected for this month is meant to be a journal / planner kit, so it had all the selection that I needed. As always, I like to print out as many of the pages that I will be using on paper that I have recycled or repurposed and I like to use a variety of papers of different colours and sizes if I have them available.

This kit is just full of spring, at least that is my view of it. I am so ready for the colours on this kit to be reflected outside my window. Goodbye snow. Hello birds and butterflies. For my current project I did not use all of the pages, I like the fact that I can select what to print and what size to print the pages as when working with digital kits.

Anyhow, here are some pictures of my lovely. Take a look at the video as well, I have the full flip through. You can also check my #instagram for more ideas.





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