When I get stuck creatively…

Sometimes I feel like crafting or journaling or just doing something creatively, and I can’t seem to get myself to put something together. However, I KNOW that I WANT to get these creative thoughts out of my head but can’t seem to do it. So this has been my solution.

I use an old book (by old I mean books found at a yard sale that were going to be thrown out) I have a small collection of these that I use for many projects. One fun thing in particular that I have recently found is using it as a creative brain dump. I don’t journal on these pages, I simply gather things that make me happy, or inspire me, or give me that happy feeling. I take pieces from magazines, junk mail, happy mail… anything really that I can add to the page that helps me with the creative block. Once I complete a page, I feel accomplished, I feel ready to start another project or simply enjoy the fact that I got that feeling out somehow and can look back at these pages and be reminded of things that make me happy again.

Recently I have been loving some of the artists out there that do this often. Check out my subscriptions list or favourites list on my YouTube channel or those I follow on Instagram and you will see what I mean by this type of inspiration. Some of my favourites are #TheReBookery, #JohannaClough. Thank you ladies for sharing your creativity with the rest of us.

My pages are a work in progress, I can go back to any of them, whenever and continue, or leave them as is. But I do love opening this book, and just adding things to it.. I just love to not have to think about the process, just let myself go. It might look like someone from elementary school put them together…. but I guess it’s the child coming out of me again.





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