Calico Collage Design Team for March

Here it is, my latest traveler’s notebook insert. I was so inspired by Calico Collage’s digital kit, Spring Peacock, what we got to work with this month. The images are so vibrant and just full of happy. There are so many parts to this kit, it includes journal pages, but also has ATC’s, domino images, printable circles, bookmarks, and well, so much more. You really have to check out the shop, Norella has so much to choose from.

I made a personal size TN for my project because I am loving this size of #journal / #smashbook right now. I used various types of papers in this traveler’s notebook, and I love the light feel to the TN. I have always loved peacocks and just love seeing them walk around like they own wherever they are. They have the most gorgeous colours that nature could provide.

I also played around with the page sizes and some are coffee stained as well. I find that variety really inspires me. I can’t seem to just have a journal with blank pages, they have to have some fun and inspiring touches. At least, that’s what makes me happy.

So here are some awesome images of my latest love, you can check out my video as well, and my instagram if you wanted to see more of what I am creating next.





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