Tip on printing pictures at home for Journal entries.

Here is a quick tip on printing photos at home to use in journal entries. So I have found that most times I don’t get a chance to get my photos ready to be printed as quickly as I would like to use them. I know I will eventually get them printed, but sometimes I want to have them right away. I don’t have an instant photo printing system at home, or one of those cute little camera systems that you can print those tiny pictures from (they are so cute) but in my love of saving a little money and also being able to use my photos when I really want to, I can print them at home.

The way I print them is on a regular sized paper copy sheet. I do use a thicker paper then the regular copy paper, for the photos I use the 28lb paper that I have access to. The reason I do this, is because I print a bunch of photos at once on the sheet, and I can size them however I want to fit within the size of my page.

I like to use these prints in my journals. So here is a sample of how it would look.


This page has 4 images (just an example) of what I would print and the different ways I can resize them. My crafting partner Archie is always by my side. 🙂  So in my journal entries I can cut the pictures that I have printed at home – they still look awesome. I can quickly journal about what the image is and it can fit in any of my pages.

I just did a layout of my kids skating and my daughters birthday, the images where tipped in to the pages and I was able to journal around them and behind the images. I also like to print images of journals that I have made or craft projects I have completed. My way of keeping them close when I have swapped them or gifted them to someone. Like the top right and bottom right have both gone to their new homes. I miss them already.

Do you have any tips on printing at home? Would love to know what you do.




2 thoughts on “Tip on printing pictures at home for Journal entries.

  1. Lynda Harley says:

    My husband surprised me with an HP4520 for Christmas. I signed up for the automatic ink club for $10/month. It is marvelous. I have also printed regular photos on photo paper. For my journal I use card stock from Sam’s Club 110 wt. I love to tea or coffee dye the paper first to make my journals look vintage. Your journals are beautiful !

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