ARTYmaze Designs – February DT

Ok so… I am blown away by the doors that keep opening up. I have found what I love to do, it took a while, but I found it, and now I am getting to work with other like minded artist. It is so inspiring to see an image or a word and get an entire theme or vision for it. I am now a member of the Design Team for ARTYmaze. I was working on a journal to swap with a friend for the month of February and thought I would combine it with these awesome new digital prints. So yes, it is Valentine themed, but my version of Valentine’s is less romance and more Chocolate!!! yes, I love the chocolate options, the candy options and of course the chocolate covered strawberry options. It also takes me back to when I was little and we would exchange these cute valentine’s day cards with our classmates. So this journal for the month of February reflects all of that. I hope my friend likes it.

I used the Vintage Themed Hybrid Journal kit, and combined it with a bunch of goodies I had around. My sister brought me a bunch of items she was getting rid of a few days ago, and I used some of that as well. 🙂




ARTYmaze on Etsy:

#junkjournals #writing #vintage #valentine #ARTYmaze #papercrafts #handmade #printables


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