This is Junk Mail?

Ok so I had to share.. recently I was going through my junk mail, which I usually enjoy going through because I can sort what I will be using for my crafting instead of throwing it all out. Images, words, paper texture, envelopes, etc. So I was looking at one piece of advertisement, and I had not yet flipped it over… to my surprise, this is what was on the other side…


Seriously!!!! I am so inspired by this piece of junk mail. My favourite colours are featured here, the camera, the vintage look, even my name! I go by Liz, but my full name is Elizabeth!! Oh junk mail people, you are getting too good. Do they know that I am recycling junk for my projects? are the walls listening?? Love this. I am so inspired to create based on this little piece of advertising. Loving my junk mail pile today. 🙂

Have an awesome creative day… although outside my door there is snow and cold temperatures… it feels great in my craft room.



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