Jen of Eve Designs DT project

Hi everyone, I am so HAPPY I got to work with Jen of Eve Designs for this project. I was able to play with all The Paper Dream kit templates. I just loved using the templates, tracing them over paper and even being able to print the templates on the pages themselves. There is so much that can be done with this kit. It comes with main base templates, envelopes, pockets, inserts, even a binding method and spine for albums. Seriously all in one. I had been watching Jen of Eve Designs for a while, Jennifer Harrison who is the owner/designer/artist, also has so many freebies on her FB page to use. I found these freebies to help me get started before I was able to get this kit.

Working with the kit took me back to my childhood, when I loved to trace shapes on paper, and cut them out to use wherever I wanted. It really is that easy. You have to try it out. I will have all of Jen of Eve Designs links below.

Here is what I did with the templates this month. I wanted a desk top calendar and I was able to make one with everything I already had at home (ok so I hoard a lot of scrap items) but to my defence, I was even able to use the mini calendar pages to good use – these came in the mail from a realtor advertising. Yay me! I love to repurpose and reuse things, so this made me so happy. I had everything at home that I could use for this project.


Jen of Eve Designs Etsy:

Check out the YouTube video below:


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