Design Team Journal and my first giveaway

I am beyond excited with the new year! I am doing what I love most, which is crafting. This month I got to work with Coral Blues digital kit from Ephemera’s Vintage Garden. I sometimes like to coffee stain my pages to give them that vintage look, but decided I did not want to change the colour of the kit, it’s just stunning. I love how vibrant all the colours are and the theme is just so enjoyable to work with.

I also realized I have over 200 subscribers on my YT channel and wanted to do a little something for them, so my first giveaway for 2017!!  I am also beyond excited that when speaking to Debbie-Anne Parent, who is EVG, about my idea to have a give away with my posting of this journal, she offered to sponsor my giveaway!! I am beyond grateful and so excited for whoever wins 🙂 Thank you Debbie-Anne!!!

Check out my video here:

Link to the kits available:

Have a great crafty day,



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