Junk Journal for Tsunami Rose Design Team – January

Here is my latest Design project for Tsunami Rose Designs, I had so much fun using the sewing theme kits and pride and prejudice elements combined, plus a few other goodies from the ephemera packs. I worked with a paper bag again, currently addicted to them, and just love how it makes the covers feel.

I used fabric on the cover this time and attempted to make a paper rose, I do love how it turned out. The journal has so many vibrant colours, I just love flipping through the pages, and hearing the paper bags make that crunchy sound.

Check out Tsunami Rose digital kits here, they are all $2.50!!!

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Here are some images of my latest journal love, and the link to the video is also below.



This is Junk Mail?

Ok so I had to share.. recently I was going through my junk mail, which I usually enjoy going through because I can sort what I will be using for my crafting instead of throwing it all out. Images, words, paper texture, envelopes, etc. So I was looking at one piece of advertisement, and I had not yet flipped it over… to my surprise, this is what was on the other side…


Seriously!!!! I am so inspired by this piece of junk mail. My favourite colours are featured here, the camera, the vintage look, even my name! I go by Liz, but my full name is Elizabeth!! Oh junk mail people, you are getting too good. Do they know that I am recycling junk for my projects? are the walls listening?? Love this. I am so inspired to create based on this little piece of advertising. Loving my junk mail pile today. 🙂

Have an awesome creative day… although outside my door there is snow and cold temperatures… it feels great in my craft room.


Jen of Eve Designs DT project

Hi everyone, I am so HAPPY I got to work with Jen of Eve Designs for this project. I was able to play with all The Paper Dream kit templates. I just loved using the templates, tracing them over paper and even being able to print the templates on the pages themselves. There is so much that can be done with this kit. It comes with main base templates, envelopes, pockets, inserts, even a binding method and spine for albums. Seriously all in one. I had been watching Jen of Eve Designs for a while, Jennifer Harrison who is the owner/designer/artist, also has so many freebies on her FB page to use. I found these freebies to help me get started before I was able to get this kit.

Working with the kit took me back to my childhood, when I loved to trace shapes on paper, and cut them out to use wherever I wanted. It really is that easy. You have to try it out. I will have all of Jen of Eve Designs links below.

Here is what I did with the templates this month. I wanted a desk top calendar and I was able to make one with everything I already had at home (ok so I hoard a lot of scrap items) but to my defence, I was even able to use the mini calendar pages to good use – these came in the mail from a realtor advertising. Yay me! I love to repurpose and reuse things, so this made me so happy. I had everything at home that I could use for this project.


Jen of Eve Designs Etsy:


Check out the YouTube video below:

Design Team Journal and my first giveaway

I am beyond excited with the new year! I am doing what I love most, which is crafting. This month I got to work with Coral Blues digital kit from Ephemera’s Vintage Garden. I sometimes like to coffee stain my pages to give them that vintage look, but decided I did not want to change the colour of the kit, it’s just stunning. I love how vibrant all the colours are and the theme is just so enjoyable to work with.

I also realized I have over 200 subscribers on my YT channel and wanted to do a little something for them, so my first giveaway for 2017!!  I am also beyond excited that when speaking to Debbie-Anne Parent, who is EVG, about my idea to have a give away with my posting of this journal, she offered to sponsor my giveaway!! I am beyond grateful and so excited for whoever wins 🙂 Thank you Debbie-Anne!!!

Check out my video here:


Link to the kits available:


Have a great crafty day,


Jen of eve Designs -Design Team Member – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

Ok so my 2017 is starting off with a giant addition to my love of crafting. I am a Design Team member for Jen of eve Designs! I have been looking at Jennifer’s work for so long, I loved how she always had tutorials for what she does and of course the biggest thing was her digital template kits – Genius! I am one of those people that love’s templates. With Jenifer’s Designs you get to have access to her templates to make, journals, albums, and even decorative boxes now!!  What? Yes, boxes! She has an Etsy store full of goodies. I will be posting all her information below.

So stay tuned for my next few projects this month, I have 4 different one’s to show – and I am sure, one of these will be a giveaway to start the new year with more fun! 🙂

Keep Crafting!



Jennifer’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM4G9gRBSLlD9ShiJXbvClA

Jennifer’s Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/JenofEveDesigns