What junk mail?

I wanted to share what I recently did with a piece of advertisement that came to the house. It is stuff that comes almost weekly and I enjoy figuring out ways to reuse these colourful, thick papers. So I thought about making something beautiful to use in the future with other paper projects.  Here are my birds and butterflies that were born from what would normally be trashed. I left part of the marketing flyer at the bottom, to give an idea what it looked like before. They are so pretty,  aren’t they? I can’t wait to use them.



What not to buy…

I purchased this Amy Tangerine stamp a while ago. I had not had a chance to use it until recently.  I have to say I was very disappointed with this stamp. I use many other stamps, and this one so far is one that I do not like.

The first thing I don’t like, is the words are too small and are too close together. Secondly, no matter what ink I use, the letters don’t all come out clear and, still, very hard to read, such close words together.  So I would say, if anyone is looking to purchase this stamp. Save your money!  I know of one other person having the same problem with this stamp, and now it just sits in the drawer, collecting dust 😦



I ended up making some tags out of some left over paper that I had and an old map. I loved the way that they came out.  I also made a post card out of a piece of paper and cut outs from a travel brochure. Love them!