Shabby Chic Vintage Style Journal

I had so much fun making this JJ, I really enjoyed using so many goodies in this one, including a few pages from a gorgeous book that was falling apart, it had some awesome nature themed illustrations. I love knowing that the pages will continue to be enjoyed in this journal / notebook.

I am using a different paper staining technique in some of these pages, not all coffee staining, and I love how it is turning out. The pages each have their own patina and it is so chunky from the staining of pages. That crinkle sound on the pages is my favourite.

I am also happy to say that this Journal / notebook is for sale,  it has one chunky sewn in signature. I have used a variety of goodies in the journal including some vintage and rescued paper pieces and Tsunami Rose images throughout. It has 76 pages front and back and is it is approximately 9″ x 6″.

If you are interested in purchasing this Journal / notebook please send me a message at: I take payments through PayPal.

Video Flip Through Here:

Happy Crafting!




In the Moment Magazine flip-through

Today is a rainy day, not much to do outside, but inside I am having fun going through this magazine. I have done a few flip-throughs of magazines on my YT channel before, but this is a new one that really speaks to me. It is In The Moment Magazine – mindful ways to live your life well, the sister magazine to Calm, which I also love.

I am sharing a flip through on YouTube for anyone that has not seen it before or is interested to see what is inside. I love that there are a mix of articles and also creative things to do. I love that in a Magazine when it is interactive!

Any how, if you wanted to take a look, it is really nice, it has articles on wellbeing, creating, living and escaping!

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One book July update

So it seems to be working well. I am combining my bullet journal, glue / smash book / traveler’s notebook art book and planner into one – maybe i’ll also get some journalling done in my planner junk journal for #onebookjuly2017 I am finding it so fun to combine so many things into one book. Setting up my organization section and my Etsy tab’s are the best part, because now I can keep all those notes / ideas in one spot.

I hope I can keep up with the challenge. I will probably be posting, before and after images of my craft space and for sure will post when my Etsy shop is live! I can’t wait to get these things done.

Check out my update here:

I will be posting updates on Instagram also.

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#onebookjuly2017 I am going to try this…

So here is the idea. I am going to try to bring 5 or 6 books into 1. I am hoping to set up my planner as a planner junk journal. Which means, I will be able to add any type of paper that I have around, just like I do with my junk journals and try to organize myself – well, mostly my craft space. I have not done this before but I figure that I should at least give it a try.

The idea is to try to make your planning/journaling etc into one book/journal to try to see if something will work better than the current system you are using. Check out my video below for further information on this.

I am going to try to use one planner to keep myself a bit more organized and also try to plan my #Etsy store opening. Not sure if I will meet the deadline, but I am certainly going to try. I will try to show before and after pictures as well as my progress and set up of this challenge. You can check out my progress on Instagram and I will post weekly updates on what I’ve done as well on my YouTube channel. Wish me luck!

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Giveaway Time!

I can’t believe I have been on YT and blogging my progress for over a year!! Wow! I never thought I would be doing this, having all that support from my subscribers is overwhelming. I appreciate it all the love! It has made me prioritize crafting, which I had not been doing before. Now I try to do something often, it’s good for the soul.

Check out my YT video if you want to enter, I will be doing random giveaways for my supporters!

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A Scrapbook / Junk Journal Design Team Project

I wanted to make something that I could easily add things to, or move things around as I wanted, so I came up with this little #scrapbook / #junkjournal. I used templates from Jen of Eve Designs, she has the best envelope one’s, and made this fun scrapbook, from actual scraps! Things I had left over, bits and pieces of things I wanted to use up. I made sure not to buy a single thing for this project and it came out awesome!

It will be fun to see this junk journal / scrap journal grow. I can add whatever I want to it.

Happy Crafting,


Ring bound junk journal using Tsunami Rose Printable Kit

This is my design team project for June. We got to use the Tsunami Rose Designs Hummingbird printable kit. I loved how Daisy designed this kit, with the pages having a selection of lined pages, graph pages and plain pages. They were made to look vintage and the hummingbirds images are just gorgeous.  The kit comes with lot’s of tags and envelopes. I personally think that the images can be used in any craft project.

Here are some pictures of my ring bound hard cover junk journal. I used a vintage 50’s book cover that had birds on it… I felt it was perfect to go with the kit.

Watch the flip through here:

Check out Tsunami Rose Designs here:

You can also find me on Instagram for more projects and shares.

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Traveler’s Notebook DIY

For some reason I really enjoy using this size of journal / notebook. The standard TN size is my favourite at the moment. I think it’s mostly because there is less space to have to fill out. Not as intimidating as a larger piece of paper, and it is much easier to get started.

This is the one I made using #ARTYmaze digital kit, plus lot’s of fun goodies as usual. I am making an effort to clean out my stash of craft items, and create awesome things with them.

This blog is a great way to document what I create and keep an online journal if you will of what I have been up to.

Check out my instagram for my day to day creative fun.

Video link here:

Happy Crafting!


Before the pen… creative

So I decided I would try something a little different. This was starting out my journaling with a blank page (Gasp) not a scrapbook page, or a coffee stained page, just blank sheets, and see what journaling came out. Well, the creative side won again, and I thought, yes, another way to smash-book / glue-book / art journal / collage journal, etc. I had put this Traveler’s notebook aside because of the blank pages (ok dotted) but now I am looking forward to using it daily. I still have a journal, altered glue-book, my pocket size note book, my planners….. wow I have a lot of ‘books’. 🙂

I had so much fun with my first spread. I loved using bits and bobs that I had on my desk. Some images, postage, and some washi that was stuck to one of my packages (I NOW want some) so just played around and relaxed.


I love having a variety of things to create on and also find it very ‘zen’ to work on a few pages at a time…. could it be I enjoy it more then making journals? I feel like I want to use my books more then I want to make them now.

So another creative brain dump, but more intentional, with a ‘feel’ for the page. I really like it. I love having my creative dump altered glue-book, and my blank canvas journal (TN)

Happy Crafting,


My mini vintage junk journal

I am so in love with this size of journal at the moment. It’s small, approx. 5.5″ x 4 1/4″, so tiny and cute. This month I am sharing the Ephemera’s Vintage Garden kits Whimsy & Botany and Wings for Jonathan. I truly love using these kits together and it gives my work a nice vintage, soft feel.


I used some scraps of fabric, reused some envelopes, book pages and of course some of the great ephemera from J9Scraps on Etsy. I am so happy to be able to share this mini. I think I will be making lot’s more to gift and swap with other crafters.

As always you can also check out my other creations on Instagram. Sometimes a quick picture is all you need to share. 🙂

Check out the video here:

Happy Crafting,